Creation of a visual identity

The definition

Visual identity is part of brand identity. It corresponds to all the graphic elements that identify a company. It can be found on all communication media, whether on paper or on the web. It therefore contains the brand name, logo, colors, typography, icons, etc..

The role of visual identity

It is very important in determining your brand image. That is, in the way the public perceives your company. The visual aspect is the first thing a customer will notice. It is the element that will mark his mind. The visual identity of your website should therefore be consistent with your entire communication. It will make it possible to transmit all the values and activities of your company.

Visual identity of the Fructinat website

The "emotional" purchase is becoming more and more important for the consumer. He is often led to turn to the brands that best correspond to the values he wishes to wear. In this context, it is very important for any company to invest time and resources in building a strong visual identity. Websites have become the first stage of consumption. It will therefore be essential to take care of your digital visual identity through your website.

An effective visual identity must be simple, coherent, meaningful, and immediately recognizable to stand out. On the contrary, if your visual identity is too complex, you risk losing your visitor by trying to convey too much information at the same time. Strong visual elements help you to quickly convey a maximum of emotions.

Visual identity of the site Epicerie La Sieste

Method of creation

We will define together your needs and intentions before starting the creation of your visual identity. Elements such as the typical profile of your customers, your short and long term goals or the different communication channels are very important to establish your identity. Involve your entourage, and possibly your customers, by asking them for feedback on the proposed visuals. This will support your decision on your visual identity for the future.

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